Property Captain
— Key Visual Illustration
Property Captain Tech AG
Property Captain is a smart real estate matching platform with the most comprehensive real estate offer in Switzerland. We've asked to create three key visuals and rent-to-buy illustrations for their mobile app.
To inspire confidence and empower everyone to find their dream home. The solution is a platform that enables everyone to find the best options among all offers in the market.
In the Key Visuals, we want to visualize this vision in a visionary & imaginative world in which a “captain” ( the user) goes on the way to explore and find their best-matching dream home “among the stars” (other possible dream homes that might fit).
Design Development
We developed three concepts to approach the brief. From there, we bring it to life in Adobe Illustrator and create two different styles of illustration.
Style #1
Style #1
Style #2
Style #2
The client is happy with direction #1. From there we developed another key visual using the first key visual as reference. The idea is to bring the audience into the interior of the planet/ bubbles/ the dream world. Creating the full experience of the new world.
The colours are inspired by space and sci-fi. We use different colour schemes between the outside and inside the planet. Inside the planet, we use colours that are more realistic for the environment.
We also created illustrations to visualize three steps RENT-TO-BUY process that they will use in their mobile app.

Calculate your buying power and find your dream home

Define your first payment and savings ratio

We buy your home and you move in

Nurul Kusumaningrum

Fabian R Silva
Creative Director

Fabian & Friends 

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