Adobe Animate Splash Screen 2024
— Illustration

I've been so eager to share this news! I still can't believe my work ended up on Adobe Animate Splash Screen! 🎉✨ I made this piece using Adobe Illustrator, Animate, and After Effects.​​​​​​​
"Monkey Mind" represents my journey to find peace. You might have heard of the term 'Monkey Mind'—it's when our thoughts race, making it hard to find calm. Being naturally anxious, I discovered ways to calm my mind through meditation and mindfulness. This artwork reflects that journey, with a monkey inside my mind doing the same. 🧘‍♂️🎨
Animation Process
I had a lot of fun animating  this piece. Firstly, I made the illustration assets in Adobe Illustrator. From there I imported the Monkey character into Adobe Animate and animate the shadow frame by frame. For final touch I added the background animation and textures all in After Effects.​​​​​​​
Final Animation​​​​​​​


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