.ORG Learning Center

The .ORG Learning Center is a trusted online destination providing useful resources to those in the .ORG Community who are just beginning their journey to establish and promote their cause online. 
We teamed up with them to produce 6 instructional 2D animations, designed to quickly impart practical knowledge and to help you make the most of your .ORG online presence.
Discover the full project at www.orglearningcenter.org
+ Storyboard
We started by reviewing the script from the client. We then created the visual concept options and put together the storyboard draft. At the same time, the voiceover has been recorded. In the next step, we created style frames and illustration assets, this includes designing the characters and testing them out with the environment.
+ Character Design
Characters are the instruments that help to tell the story. Combining basic geometric shapes and without noticeable facial features to keep the minimalistic style.
+ Selected Frames
+ Videos
Client : Public Interest Registry (PIR), Small Ax 
Producer : Carlton Sugarman, Small Ax
Creative Director, Illustration : Nurul Kusumaningrum 
Animation : Nurul Kusumaningrum, Karl Harris
Music : Karl Harris

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