Ditigal Citizens Alliance
Piracy Consumer Harms Explainer

This animation is a component of a comprehensive PSA campaign in collaboration with the Digital Citizens Alliance (DCA). Digital Citizens Allianze is a group comprising consumers, businesses, and Internet experts dedicated to informing both the public and policymakers about the various online threats individuals encounter. The animated video aims to simplify and illustrate these dangers in a manner that is easily to understand for both consumers and policymakers.
+ Storyboard
We started by reviewing the script from the client. We then created the visual concept options and put together the storyboard draft. At the same time, the voiceover has been recorded. In the next step, we created style frames and illustration assets, this includes designing the characters and testing them out with the environment.
+ Selected Frames
Client : Digital Citizens Alliance (DCA) , Small Ax 
Producer : Carlton Sugarman, Small Ax
Creative Director, Illustration : Nurul Kusumaningrum 
Animation : Nurul Kusumaningrum, Karl Harris/ KH Films
Music : Karl Harris / KH Films

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