The Great Pacific Clean Up
Embark on a 45-day odyssey with Director Karl Harris as he ventures from Honolulu, Hawaii, to the North Pacific Ocean in 'The Great Pacific Cleanup.' In this eye-opening documentary, Karl takes you on a poignant journey to witness the Great Pacific Garbage Patch - a colossal collection of discarded waste threatening our oceans.
Accompany Karl as he shares firsthand accounts of the devastating plastic problem and its impact on marine life. As a storyteller, he brings to life the challenges faced by our oceans and their inhabitants, urging us to take action.
Through captivating storytelling and remarkable visuals, 'The Great Pacific Cleanup' sheds light on the urgent need to address this environmental crisis. Witness the collective efforts of a passionate team fighting to clean the oceans and preserve the planet's precious marine ecosystem.
Join this powerful call to action, inspiring viewers to rethink our relationship with plastic waste and unite in safeguarding our oceans for generations to come. 'The Great Pacific Cleanup' is a testament to the strength of human determination and compassion in healing the heart of our planet - the ocean."

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